Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Being Different

Australian (but born in UK) Writer and Illustrator Leila Rudge Gary Walker Books 2016 $24.99hb 28pp

ISBN 978 1 9250 8169 5

Themes: Being different/ Maps/ Racing Pigeons

A racing pigeon that can’t fly is a bit of an anachronism but Gary (first seen seen in smart tramping hat and carrying a map under his wing) is used to the rest of the flock flying off without him. He records their comings and goings in a large scrapbook and sometimes feels a bit envious but he eats the same seeds, he sleeps in the same lofts and they all dream of adventure. Then one day Gary finds himself far far from home – he is with the other birds because he has fallen into one of the racing baskets and somehow Gary has to get home …

Story and illustrations are creatively melded into a whole which is full of spin offs with much to discuss. Teachers’ notes are available.
Preschool up/ Age 4 up

Visit:  for an interesting interview with Leila

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