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I've been a lover of books all my life.  I was so lucky to have been born to parents (and grandparents) who all felt that after love, warm shelter, sufficient food and water, a child should be surrounded by books and given a library card at an early age.

I have spent over sixty years working with and looking at books and resources for children and young readers and I want so much to continue to be part of the group that is dedicated to trying to keep a high standard of children’s literature alive in this country.

(This photo was taken in the Botanic Garden, Wellington during the 2013 summer concert series. It was cold that night. )

Over those years people have been kind and In 2002 Storylines: New Zealand Children’s Literature Foundation, awarded me the Betty Gilderdale Award for services to New Zealand children’s literature. In 2004, SLANZA School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa presented me with a Certificate of Recognition for innovation and contribution over 50 years (it does sound like a long time when you write it down)  in the development of quality resources and expertise in libraries for children and young people. In the 2007 New Year Honours, I was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to children’s literature.  4.6.16 Some more things have been added since then - if you really want to see them have a look under 'Manuscripts' but you will have got the pic!ure from what I have written so far and that is that I LOVE BOOKS 

I spend as much time as I can listening to and talking with children and young people.  

Most afternoons are taken up with working on manuscripts from writers (mainly stories written for children and young adults) and helping to develop them to a possible publishing standard. (See Manuscript Assessment section on this Blog)

For nineteen years I produced a three-monthly book review bulletin for schools, colleges and public libraries. In November 2010 I decided to stop this part of my business but I will  continue to read many (many) new children's (and young adult's) books as they come out and review them here. 

However, just for the record,  I don’t spend all my time at the computer (it just feels like it sometimes) – I do get out to tramp (sometimes more like a brisk walk nowadays) in the bush and the fresh air and also enjoy going out  to movies, dinner, events etc. 

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