Thursday, 22 October 2015

For all lovers of original fantasy

NZ Writer

Jan Goldie

Brave’s Journey

IFWG Publishing, Australia 2015  $21.50pb 250pp

ISBN 978 1 9251 4884 8

Themes: Coming of age/ Elements/ Fantasy/ Mothers and sons/ Quests

A silver necklace showing four elements - Earth/ Air/ Fire/ Water  - bind this story of Brave who used to be a fairly ordinary teenager and True bossy and self opinionated who he feels is just out to make his life unbearable. And where are we? It certainly isn’t the world as we know it. There are riches here for all lovers of fantasy who enjoy a totally original story where nothing is really as it seems and they will be hoping (as I am) for a sequel to follow soon.       

Year 8 up / Age 12 up
Photo of Jan by James Stanbridge

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