Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Society of the Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection

I went to an intriguing meeting of The Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection last Wednesday evening at the National Library here in Wellington. It is exactly 150 years since Lewis Carroll created Alice in Wonderland. To celebrate The Friends asked Tatjana Schaefer from the English Department at Victoria University to speak about her, her writer and some of the books written for children at that time that would have influenced him. The talk was thought provoking, controversial and totally fascinating. There were many questions and comments.

As always, the meeting was preceded by a delicious feast of food and wine – disappointingly none of it shrank or increased in size to match the mood of the book.  

Alice by John Tenniel

I was very flattered to be introduced as the new Patron of the Society. Watch out for much more about the Society in these Posts from now on – the meetings are so special and of real interest to all lovers of children’s books – not just those working in libraries or schools. 

 for more information.
Google: Dorothy Neal White for a background to a woman who had a real influence on the  development of the children's book scene in New Zealand
Dorothy Neal White at Yellowstone National Park in the1950s

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