Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Picture Books for the very young


Swedish Writer & Finnish Illustrator Lena Landstrom, illustrated by (her husband) Olof Landstrom Where Is Pim? Gecko Press, 2015   $19.19pb 32pp

ISBN 978 1 9272 7174 2 Themes: Friendship/ Hide-and-Seek/ Series

In this new story about Pim and Pom there is drama, tension, humour and adventure when Pim, the small rag animal? person? (it is really whatever the viewer wants it to be) is ‘taken’ by an energetic dog who then joins in the search.  A whole novel could be written about the feelings and emotions that are raised here but this is a simple story in just over 50 words, aimed at the very young and it works supremely well.  Every picture moves the story on to its hoped for conclusion.  Perfect!!

Preschool/ Age 3 up

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