Thursday, 29 January 2015

Young Adult Fiction (Fantasy)


USA Writer Amanda Hocking Frostfire Book One The Kanin Chronicles Pan Macmillan, 2015   $19.19pb 321pp

ISBN 978 1 4472 5664 9

Themes: ‘Belonging’/ Betrayal/ Fantasy/ Love stories/ Series/ Trolls/ Vampires

Bryn Aven is an outsider, seen as a ‘half blood’ especially with her blond hair and blue eyes and cannot seem to fit into the Kanin society which she loves. It is here she wishes to become part of the King’s elite guard.  Easily read, a tight storyline and exciting writing, this has all the elements (see themes above) that should make it popular.

For some readers the stunning jacket will be a major drawcard!  

Amanda Hocking came to fame through her previous titles. Until then she had not published a book but after being ‘discovered’ on eBooks the Trylle  trilogy sold many millions of copies.

Year 8 up/  Age 12 up

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