Monday, 10 February 2014

Picture Books - Preschool

Australian Writer and Illustrator

Anna Branford, illustrated by Linda Catchlove

Lilli-Pilli’s Sister

Walker Books, Australia 2014 27.99hb         24pp

ISBN 978 1 9219 7758 9

Themes:         Babies/ Birth/ Fairies/ Families

Lilli-Pilli’s mother is about to have a baby and Lilli Pilli is convinced it will be a small sister. She tries hard to find out for sure by consulting the (Australian) birds in the forest.  She knows, of course, that boy or girl, she will love it dearly. By now Mum’s belly is so large she can no longer fly and Dad is putting the finishing touches on the crib - and then... Many children will guess the final surprise and they should enjoy such a gentle story of a happy birth in a perfect family. I think the illustrations JUST avoid being ‘cute’.  

Preschool – Age 3-4

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