Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mature Readers (Young Adult)

USA Writer
Lauren Baratz-Logsted
The Twin’s Daughter
Bloomsbury 2014  $15.99pb  390pp
ISBN 978 1 5999 0661 4
Themes: Gothic tales/ Murder/ Victorian London

Published February 1st 2014

One morning Lucy, a sprightly 13-year-old, opens the door of her elegant London home and sees who she thinks at first is her mother standing on the doorstep. It is however, her mother’s identical twin sister who has been brought up in very different circumstances and so begins a long and involved story of intrigue and sometimes, very chilling happenings.  Some readers will find the complicated plot a bit too much but others will enjoy the elements of creepiness, teenage life in Victorian London and the general atmosphere of having to guess what is really going on and find they make for an unputdownable read.
Google the author’s name for details of her other books – she has written many. She is a new writer for me and I will be following her up.   
Year 10 up/ Age 14 up (this will be read with enjoyment by many adults as well).

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