Sunday, 6 October 2013

Young Adult Fiction

UK Writer
Robert Muchamore
Black Friday
Cherub Series 2/ Book 3
Hodder Children’s Books 2013   $34.99hb           384pp
ISBN 978 1 4449 1566 2


Themes:  Sequels/ Series/ Teenagers as spies

Ryan has a mission to stop the biggest terrorist attack in America’s history and, as a member of Cherub he gets on a plane to travel to the action knowing the next 24 hours will change many lives.  Teenagers as spies has an irresistible lure and when Robert Muchamore began the whole series of books to encourage his non-reading nephew in Australia he was on to something BIG.  Great for disinterested readers (especially boys) and the action packed cover is another ‘lure’. The Internet is packed with information about this writer and his books so I won’t reproduce it here. This was published last month but I have only just got it back from a real Robert Muchamore fan and – he is a good reader!

Year 9 up/ Age 13 up

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