Saturday, 12 October 2013

Picture Book

Japanese Writer and Illustrator
Masayuki Sebe
100 People
Gecko Press 2013   $19.99pb           24pp
ISBN 978 1 8775 7987 5
Themes:  ‘Puzzle’ books

Each page in this book is full of 100 small but very active people who are telling stories, relating to each other, playing games, eating… and the task is to find ten who have been selected at random with their pictures on a special bulletin board. It sounds easy but for me it was diabolically difficult. The children who shared it with me didn’t seem to have the same problems. This is a follow-up to two other great look-and-find titles 100 dinosaurs and 100 things also published by Gecko Press. .

Preschool up/ Age 4 up (much older children and adults will enjoy this too)

There has been a slight hiatus this week as I am in the process of selling my home where I have lived for 16 years and moving up the coast to the sunshine! This will happen on November 28.  Maintaining this Blog is really important to me and I will try very hard to keep up to date with the cascade of exciting new books that are beginning to pile up on the floor of the office but sometimes there might be a couple of days go by. For instance just where did the last week go to?


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