Sunday, 6 October 2013


NZ Writer and Photographer
Meg Lipscombe
Tui: A Nest in the Bush
Craig Potton Publishing 2013   $29.99hb          120pp
ISBN 978 1 8775 1791 4

Themes:  New Zealand birds /Photo diaries/ Tuis

On a spring morning in 2011 Meg Lipscombe noticed a tui vanishing into a bush in her garden with a twig in its beak. She discovered that a nest with two freckled eggs inside could be seen  - and photographed - from her balcony. This was the beginning of 37 days of intense observation and gives us an unique picture of the growth and development of the chicks. The book is aimed at adults but the simple text and careful photography (which really tells the story) means it can be used and appreciated by quite young children.

Meg Lipscombe was given a Fellowship from the Photographic Society of New Zealand in recognition of the excellence of this series of tui photographs.

Adult (but suitable for all ages)

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