Monday, 29 July 2013


STORYLINES Free Family Day

The Storylines Festival of New Zealand children’s writers and illustrators is nearly here.

Dunedin Saturday 10th August
Christchurch Sunday 11th August
Wellington Saturday 17th August
Kaitaia  Saturday 17th August
South Auckland Saturday 17th August
Auckland Saturday 18th August

Google for details of venues and times.

I had a good idea under the shower this morning  - a place conducive to ideas!
As many of the New Zealand viewers of this Blog will remember I have, for the past four years, produced a bulletin - Too Good to Miss - profiling children’s writers and illustrators in this country. The last one (Volume 3) was in November last year and in it I promised Volume 4 would be published in May 2014. However, as the weeks have gone by (and I have already been accumulating material), I have been getting more and more anxious about how I was going to finance this. With the winding up of the hard copy of Around the Bookshops, no money comes in to that side of the business. Then, the idea?  What better place to do this than the Blog? So, over the next couple of weeks (no, probably months) I will be downloading the first three volumes into a new page Too Good to Miss   - New Zealand Writers and illustrators for Children and Young Adults.  Of course much of it will have to be updated, as the people on the pages haven’t stood still. When that is done I will begin adding the new people and that will then be an ongoing project as more wonderful writers and illustrators appear and I hope it will build up into a useful resource. .
For a while it will have be a page Under Construction.

 I am just off for a very short R and R break up the coast in the Rangitikei  - I may not have time to add any books to the Blog before I go. However, I will have more time in the three days to read a lot of them.

(Well - maybe!)

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