Saturday, 3 August 2013


NZ Writer and Illustrator
Dave Gunson
The New Zealand Wildlife Activity Book
New Holland    2013   $24.99pb    64pages
ISBN 978 1 8696 6389 6

Themes: Mask making/ New Zealand wild life/ Out of door activities

There must have been so many hours of work in putting this book together with its hundred of ideas for activities in the out of doors aimed at creating a deeper understanding of our diverse wildlife and with a big emphasis on having fun and enjoying it all. Although the book looks as though it is aimed at individual children there is ample scope for teachers and leaders to photocopy pages and use them as the basis for many outdoors project. This just arrived in my box yesterday and I can’t wait to have an opportunity to try it out with a group of ‘conservation’ kids!

Preschool up / Age 4 up

A Little Throwaway News

I had a great time in the Rangitikei at the beginning of the week including a visit to the small but charming Bulls Public Library where every centimetre of space has been well utilised. I also visited National Library in Palmerston North and it was good to catch up with librarian friends there.  I didn't get to do white water surfing but did walk along beside the river.
I was sad though that having initially ‘run away’ from shaky quaky Wellington to get a couple of good night’s sleep, my motel was night beside the arterial road and I was awake all night (s) to the noise of long haul trucks, lorries and what sounded like unoiled tractors.
Entrance to National Library Palmerston North

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