Monday, 15 August 2016

An Australian Pony Club Series

NZ Writer Soraya Nicholas Saving Starlight Starlight Stables Series Book 4 Puffin Books 2016   $15.99pb 157pp ISBN 978 0 1433 0866 9

Themes: Friendship/ Horse Stories/ Money Worries/ Olympic Games/ Pony Clubs/ Series

When Poppy’s aunt and uncle with whom she lives at Starlight Stables tell her the devastating news that the Stables may have to be sold to meet debts she is determined to win the forthcoming show jumping competition and be able to offer them her prize money.  For a horse-mad pre-teenager, what is there not to love about this series? Intriguing story lines, best friends, pony club competitions/ written by someone who knows teenage ‘speak’/ thrilling horses and No Boys in View. The series is set in Australia and with its one off story line in each book is set to go on. I am sure there will be plenty of younger sisters and friends waiting in the wings, ready to take over as Milly and Poppy and Katie slowly grow up.

For more information and titles of the first three books in the series go to:

Year 6 up/ Age 10 up

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