Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Hoppleplop returns after 12 years (hibernation?)

Available mid-July 2016

NZ Writer and Illustrator Kyle Mewburn, illustrated by Deborah Hinde The Hoppleplop  Lizard Lane Books 2016 (first published by Scholastic 2004) $28.00hb ($19.99pb) 24pp ISBN 978 0 4733 5530 2 (hb) 978 0 4733 5529 6 (pb) Themes: Doors/ Fears/ First person stories/ Houses/ Reassurance

The narrator invites us in to his rather unusual house that looks strangely familiar and wonders if we would like to see a Hoppleplop . But would we? As we go through door after door and see some of the creatures in the rooms that are becoming more and more scary perhaps a Hoppleplop is the very LAST thing we want to see. I remember reading this to a small group when it was first published and the great feeling of tension that was built up until the grand exposĂ© on the final page. Even when they knew the secret they wanted it told again (and again) to explore the pictures and revisit the words . Illustrator and writer work here in a true tandem partnership    

Preschool up (and UP….) 


Deborah(Sorry I can't trace the source of these two images  BM) 

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