Saturday, 9 July 2016

A parrot from the jungles of Peru

UK Writer (recently arrived from NZ) and Illustrator Katie Haworth, illustrated by Jo Williamson Petunia Paris’s Parrot
The Five Mile Press, 2016 $38.99hb $22.99pb 32pp ISBN 978 1 7604 0369 0 hb/  ISBN 978 1 7837 0490 3   Themes: Birthday parties/ Friendship/ Indulged children/ Sacrifices   

Petunia Paris was a totally indulged little girl whose every wish was her parent's command – a pool, a wardrobe of clothes, a bike with its own chauffeur.  And when on her fifth birthday she had really run out of things to ask for she said the first thing that came into her mind  - I want a talking parrot please (she did say please) and a scarlet parrot all the way from the jungles of Peru was what she got.  Small problem was the parrot, excellent in every other way, didn’t talk.  Without once being heavy handed this is an easily understood story of friendship, of caring about other people’s feelings and of the pleasure of making someone (or something in this case) happy.  The final double page gatefold is a joy to behold. Teachers, caregivers, librarians and parents are going to have a lot of fun sharing this with children.

Preschool up Age 4 up
Note: I hope to be able to post an interview with Katie here in about ten days time.  BM

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