Monday, 6 June 2016

Toughen Up Andrew Book Launch

A Canine Book Launch
No, this is not Andrew who was a Pekinese - but an interested member of the group

Anne signs one of the many copies sold
Mary McCallum (left) - Mākaro Press
In what would be the best weather we have had for Queen’s Birthday Weekend for years, Mākaro Press officially launched Toughen up, Andrew by Anne Manchester  (see this Blog for May 29th) at the Day’s Bay pavilion yesterday afternoon. It was held in the company of around 20 dogs, mostly with owners, although a few did just happen by to see what was going on. The dogs behaved impeccably, sitting quietly on their human’s feet while the speeches were made but in the true manner of dogs none of them seemed keen to have their photos taken once the formal part of the afternoon was over. A group picture? No way - they were much more interested in the take-home packets of Doggie Treats or in tearing around the park (the larger ones), barking.  So once more my camera has let me down but those of us who were there, on the spot, had an enchanting afternoon.

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