Friday, 24 June 2016

A couple of Board Books for very young book enthusiasts from Lynley Dodd and Lucy Cousins

UK writer and illustrator Lucy Cousins Maisy Goes to Bed (25th anniversary re-issue) Walker Books 2016 $12.00 Board Book 14pp ISBN 978 1 4063 7152 9 Themes: Bedtime stories/ Lift the flap/ pull the tab books
Maisy, the ever cheerful white mouse (with beige ears) who has now been ‘going’ for 25 years is getting ready for bed. In a lift the flap and pull the tabs board book we help her have a bedtime drink, go to the loo (tempting green toilet paper to pull), wash her hands and then, into bed with her bedtime book. Like all the other Maisy Books this one gives many opportunities for discussion about the ‘reader’s own experiences.

Babies up

NZ writer and illustrator Lynley Dodd Snooze with Hairy Maclary Puffin 2016 $19.99 Board Book 12pp ISBN 978 0 1435 0728 4 Themes: Relaxationt/ Sleeping in the daytime/ Touch and feel book
Familiar characters lie about on these pages on what looks like a hot summer day (until the last pages by the fire and in bed) in poses of extreme relaxation just waiting to have their very realistic fur patted and stroked. 

Babies up

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