Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Writers and Writing

NZ Writer Bill Nagelkerke Emily's Penny Dreadful Bill Nagelkerke Publisher – an E Book 2015  NZ$1.50

Distributed by Smashwords. Also available on Kindle from Amazon

ISBN: 978 1 3112 5056 8

Themes: Family life/ House fires/ Language/ Old books/ Uncles and Nieces/ Words/ Writers/ Writers' Block
Review Contains Spoiler*

Emily has always thought of herself as a writer even though she is still very young but things keep getting in the way. However when Uncle Raymond (a curmudgeonly character suffering from *writer’s block) and his wife Dot come on an extended visit, Emily’s writing life takes off. This is a story (and a 'dreadful' story-within-a-story) that will intrigue all young would-be writers – plus those not so young. It is obvious that Bill enjoyed writing this and many writers (of all ages) will see themselves in the ‘pages’.

Please Google Bill’s name for many other titles.    

Year 5 up/ Age 9 u

Note: Yes, yes I know I have said I do NOT review eBooks but I could tell this one was so special and I have enjoyed all the other books I have read by the author so much and…

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