Wednesday 5 August 2015

Patterns in Nature

To be Launched tomorrow August 6th at Glenfield Library, Auckland. Everyone is welcome – See below

NZ Writer. Photographer and Designer 
Dee Pignéguy, photographs by Mike Pignéguy and designed by Heather Arnold 
Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic

Mary Egan Publishing 2015 $24.99pb 32pp ISBN 978 0 4733 2356 1 Themes: Colour/ Texture/ Observation skills/ Patterning

At first look this book is overwhelming  - there is so much information, so much colour, so many ideas. Gradually as your eye becomes accustomed to the pattern (and there is a definite pattern to the layout) you realise there are enough ideas here to keep a budding scientist delving for some weeks (and months). Very small lookers will find the puff of a dandelion ball, the etching in leaf skeletons, and the tessellating patterns on the skins of a crocodile or fish or in insect eyes just as enthralling. This is a special book to work at (there is a great index) and to work out. 

I usually give review books away to schools but this time, sorry, I am going to keep it for myself.   

I can't make this any bigger! There are irritating layout problems with this posting as you will see.
NE up / Age 5 (for the photos and pictures) up

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