Friday, 1 May 2015

Fiction 6-8 Chapter Books

Swedish Writer and Illustrator
Rose Lagercrantz, illustrated by Eva Eriksson
When I am Happiest
Gecko Press 2015   $19.99pb 128pp
ISBN 978 1 9272 7189 6
Themes: Chapter Books/ Fathers and daughters/ Friendship/ School holidays/ Sequels/ Single parent families.
It is the second to last day before the long summer break and Dani is SO HAPPY. Everything is good and there is so much to look forward to. Then, the principal puts her head round the classroom door and asks Dani to come to her office. Dani’s father has fallen from his bike, been run over and is unconscious in the hospital. With lightening speed everything turns from Happy to Black Gloom. This is a simply written story told with a light touch and with  (like the other two in the series about Dani) a wide range of emotions - especially the power of friendship. The text is brought to life by charming and engaging illustrations.
Years 2-4/ Ages 6-8

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