Friday, 17 April 2015

Non-fiction 10 years and up

NZ Writer (Images from many sources)
Raymond Huber 
Peace Warriors
Mākaro Press 2015   $25.00pb  131pp
ISBN 9 780 9941 1722 9
Themes: Peaceful resistance/ War and Peace
Stories and facts, quotes and timelines, poetry and events all go to make up this small but tightly packed book about the power of non-violent resistance.  The opening story tells of Sophie Scholl who at 12 joined the Hitler Youth Movement because she loved the idea of the outdoor life and at 21 was beheaded for standing up to the Nazi Party. It includes the familiar events of the Rainbow Warrior and finishes with the story of Johnny Johnson, a New Zealand Quaker who worked for the Friend’s Ambulance Unit in China. The book is a sampler of information in which to dip, to read, think and to follow the many, many suggestions for finding out more.
Year 6 up/ Age 10 up (particularly useful for secondary students who want their information and ideas in short bites)

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