Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fiction for 7 years and up (Chapter Books)

Swedish Writer and Dutch Illustrator
Ulf Nilsson, illustrated by Gitte Spee
The First Case
Detective Gordon series
Gecko Press 2015   $19.99pb 96pp
ISBN 078 1 9272 7150 6
Themes: Animals/ Funny stories/ Justice/ Mercy
Detective Gordon, a fat and kindly toad, was fond of stamping important papers, consuming large amounts of tea and cake and sometimes just sitting, then drifting off to sleep in the warmth and comfort of the central police station. What he did not enjoy was creeping through the chilly wet snow in pursuit of criminals in the company of an emotionally rather fragile young mouse that he had named Buffy. But at that stage she had yet to prove her worth.  An engaging story that will be enjoyed both by an adult reading it aloud to a group or a child reading it to her or himself.    It’s a great book to handle with illustrations and images that blend into the text and jacket flaps that double as bookmarks. 
Year 3 up/ Age 7 up

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