Monday 24 November 2014

Young Adult Fiction (Mature Readers)

NZ Writer R.L Stedman Inner Fire Nationwide Book Distributors  2014   $21.99pb  261pp

ISBN 978 0 4732 9442 7  Themes: Christchurch earthquakes/ Dartmoor, Devon/ Genetic conditions/ London UK/ Personal privacy/ Stress

Christchurch and its continuing earthquakes seems a place to be out of for Corrine and her family and when an on-going genetic condition causes her to set fire to and destroy their home, they opt to move back to the UK from where they originally came.  However problems have a habit of following those affected and further fires happen plus the entrance of a group of sinister men in black and a large network of security cameras that seem to be linked. Corrine is sent to stay with her great-grandmother down in Devon and there she meets the gorgeous Rowan, aged eighteen and who provides the love interest to the story (plus some answers!).  This is a feisty thriller which is already pleasing a large group of teenage girls (see for some of their comments).

Year 10 up / Age 14 up

Note: coarse language and sexual descriptions.

If they are not carrying stock of this title bookshops, can order the title directly through Nationwide Book Distributors It can also be purchased as both print and eBook through Or – order it direct through the writer’s web page:

Rachel Stedman won the Best First Book Award in the 2014 NZ Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults and was a Notable Book in the Storylines 2014 list.

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