Thursday, 2 October 2014

Non-Fiction Pre-School up

NZ Writer & Illustrator

Gillian Candler, illustrated by Ned Barraud  Under the Ocean
Explore & Discover New Zealand’s Sea Life Explore & Discover series  Craig Potton Publishing 2014  $19.99pb 32p  ISBN 978 1 9272 1308 7

The mysterious worlds of life under the ocean (and a few on top of it) are explored here in easily understood but packed-with-information text and absolutely awesome images. The colours; the bubbles in the water; the true to life mammals, birds and most of all, fish, are all subtly shown but so real you might be there (hopefully with a protective armour around you, as there are dangerous creatures out there). Food chains and ecological balance (that much done subject) are explained and further investigation of the whole under-the-ocean theme is encouraged.

Preschool (for the illustrations) up – to adult.

Recommended and I don’t say this very often but this is one of those special books.

Last night Under the Ocean was launched by Michele Whiting, Principal of Corinna School in Porirua East at the Children’s Bookshop at Kilbirnie, Wellington.  Michele said she had test-driven the book in preparation for her launch speech with a group of enthusiastic readers from the school and their comments had more than ticked all the boxes for interest/ accessibility/ look of the book (design) and for general all over AWESOMENESS.  
Michele Whiting launched the book

A signing session after the launch - Gillian and Ned

Google these two other titles in the series for details


  1. This looks like a home bookshelf essential.

    1. Yes it is on my bookshelf plus another copy in the car for unexpected trips to the ocean!