Saturday, 18 October 2014

Non-Fiction (Marine Resources)

NZ Illustrator and Writer

Bianca Begovic,  illustrated by Scott Pearson

The Sea and Me

CreateBooks ** 2014  $19.99pb   28pp

ISBN 978 0 4732 8173 1

Themes: Marine resources/ Stories in rhyme

What will happen if everyone keeps on fishing until the sea is empty of fish and plants?  This is a very practical and easily accessed book that could be used by quite young children with the emphasis being on small things they can do to help this calamity from happening.

I heard Bianca speak about this book and her work for the environment at a National Library Cluster Group some weeks ago now and took some photos of her. Unfortunately I have had major problems with my computer so rather hold on to the information any longer (although I am hopeful the solution to the computer melt down is close at hand) I am posting this now sans 'my' images.

If you have any problem locating the book please go to: 

Year 1 up  / Age 5 up

** not a mistake – it is all one word. 

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