Thursday, 12 June 2014

Kids' Lit Quiz National Finals National LIbrary 10.6.14

Part of the winning team and their coaches

Many congratulations to Awakeri School in the Bay of Plenty near Whakatane.

They were the winners on Tuesday (June 11th) of the national finals of the Kids’ Lit Quiz held at National Library in Wellington.

Shortly the team of four will be off with their ‘trainers’ (and a big congratulations to them as well) to take part in the International Finals to be held this year in Cornwall. A young person’s programme of events that have been organised for them (and other winners aged 11-13 from around the world) sounds amazing.

As usual it was a stimulating experience to be watching and we all felt much admiration for the volunteers (including the unflappable Quizmaster, Wayne Mills) for all the hours of work that go into this event every year starting around April as the regional heats begin.

Quiz master Wayne Mills in poster form
In the shiny halls of National Library the early arrivals wait to go into the event area
Here are some photos I took on Tuesday. They are not my best ever so if I find some better ones taken by other people I will replace them during the week.

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