Saturday, 3 May 2014

Too Good to Miss 2009 to 2012

Decision time 
 Too Good to Miss 2009 to 2012

I started with a hiss and a roar thinking it would be a simple matter to transfer all the data from the three volumes of Too Good to Miss  - New Zealand Writers and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults on to this Blog. Not so and mainly because it is such a time consuming project. So I have now removed the page but hopefully only temporarily. I will re look at it in the spring when I will either tackle it myself or pay a student to transfer all the data for me and bring it up to date. Writers and illustrators have this habit of not standing still and many of the people in the pages of these three volumes have produced more books, more stories, more material, won awards, moved overseas and, of course, there are new writers and illustrators to be added. 
Remember the cartoon of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? All those broomsticks!

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