Monday, 2 December 2013

Empty walls!

Where Are The Books?

After a few heart stopping days when it really looked as though I was going to have to drop the whole idea of this Blog and only use web mail for my emails, my wonderful computer guru has come to my rescue. With a flick of a switch and the typing in of some magic stmp letters and digits I am now totally reinstated (and with better Broadband than I have ever had before). The move from Wellington to Waikanae is now completed with about 3,000 children’s books out in the garage waiting for 30 shelves to be built on which to house them! As so many people reading this message will understand, when you are used to being surrounded by books all day long, to be suddenly faced with blank walls, however freshly painted, is an unnerving experience. The room seems to echo…  However the builder is coming in the morning and then the question will be, should I put them all in strict alphabetical order or just have a general genre collection?
Hopefully I will be back in the blogging business by this time tomorrow.    


The room doesn't really look like this but it is what it feels like!

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