Monday, 1 April 2013

Fiction - Age 9 up

NZ Writer and Photographers
Kath Beattie
Cyclone Bola – Gisborne 1988
Scholastic 2013       $18.50pb         171 pages
Series: My New Zealand Story
ISBN 978 1 7754 3100 8
Themes: Disasters, New Zealand/ Vineyards

       It is 1988 and Amy’s parents have just told her they are about to go to Vanuatu and sail a friend’s yacht back to New Zealand. This means Amy, much against her will, is to be sent off to her Uncle’s farm and vineyard in Gisborne. Amy tells the story, which does take a while to really find its feet, in the form of a diary and some readers who are looking for the adventure side of it all (and there is plenty later) may find the inclusion of so many Facts about life in the area, pre-cyclone a bit off-putting. However, once the cyclone hits, the reader is whirled into the devastating events of those weeks and is left with an unforgettable picture of what it must have been like to be living through it. Added to the tensions is the fact that no one has heard from Amy’s parents since they set sail from the port up in the Pacific. 
Black and white photos are included at the back of the book plus you will find excellent teachers' notes on the Scholastic NZ webpage 
Year 5 up/ Age 9 up

March this year was the 25th anniversary of Cyclone Bola, an event that proved to be one of the costliest cyclones in the history of this country. 

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