Thursday, 28 March 2013

Picture Book - The Silly Goat Gruff

NZ Writer and Illustrator
Scott Tulloch
The Silly Goat Gruff
Scholastic 2013       $19.50pb         32 pages
ISBN 978 1 7754 3105 3
Themes: Adaptations of fairy tales/ Funny stories/ Goats/ Stories in rhyme

A new fresh look at an old story but cleverly constructed so the bones are still there and recognisable. Willy and Billy and Silly Goat Gruff of course want to cross the bridge to where the grass is greener but are hampered by the presence of the fearsome Troll. Silly, who is not so silly, is the biggest goat, with the letters of his name standing for Super, Invincible, Lion Like and Yodelling. A bright story and bold illustrations typical of this illustrator/writer just make the original seem a tad pallid.  Even the Troll, who is fearsome enough, has a certain appeal and (almost) charm about him, making us feel rather sad when he meets his comeuppance.  Great to read out loud to a group (especially for a reader who likes to put a bit of drama into their story telling)  
Preschool up

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