Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I don't like animals!

USA Writer and Illustrator 
David Baddiel, illustrated by Jim Field
AniMalcolm – life as an animal is wild
HarperCollins 2017  $22.99pb 355 pp
ISBN 978 0 0081 8515 2
Themes: Dislike of animals!/ School trips/ Technology
Malcolm just doesn’t like animals at all which is strange because his family absolutely love them all and totally fill up their house with as many as possible.  Malcolm is into technology – laptops and computers, iPads and Notebooks.  But all is about to change when a school trip to a farm is arranged and Malcolm really sees animals face to face for the first time. This is a highly original story by a writer I think is going to be someone to watch. Google his name to see what he has achieved so far.
Year 3up/ Age 7 up

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  1. Baddiel's first book, The Parent Agency, has been very popular at our primary school. I'll be adding this new one to my shopping list.