Monday, 10 October 2016

Magical London, 1800's

Australian Writer
Karen Foxlee
A Most Magical Girl
Piccadilly Press 2016   $22.99hb 296pp
ISBN 978 1 8481 2574 2                                                  Themes: Family/ Friendship/ London, 1800’s/ Magic/ Wizards and witches
Karen Foxlee - acknowledgements to Sonya Coe
London is under threat as a devastating spell starts to creep over the city and threatens to destroy it completely.  And. It is over to Annabel Grey, a most unlikely saviour (a very PROPER young lady) to pull out all her newly found powers of witchcraft and save the city. Sounds rather far fetched?? Not when it is told by a master story teller like Karen Foxlee whose writing compels you to read late into the night to see how it all works out. All is encased in an equally magical jacket- you can't see the silver stars in the image above.... 
Year 6 up/ Age 10 up


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