Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A new horse story by Stacy Gregg

NZ Writer
Stacy Gregg
The Diamond Horse
HarperCollins 2016   $25.00hb 265pp
ISBN 978 0 0081 2439 7                                                 
Themes: Adventure stories Circuses/ Horse stories/ Siberia/
Take the wealthy daughter of a Russian count who lives in a snowbound palace, a secret young colt and a pet tiger cub, the frozen tundra of Siberia and a feisty young girl who sees beyond the bright lights of the circus where she works. Then ask Stacy Gregg to form them into an adventure story. What do you get?  You get a hard to put down narrative that will be loved by all Stacy’s many (many) fans. A great read-aloud. I have never been a follower of horse or pony club stories but I must admit Stacy Gregg has me hooked. It may be the very genuine and well researched backgrounds she puts into all her books (she is a world traveller) and the fact of the believable characters for whom the reader cannot help but feel sympathy.
Year 6 up/ Age 10 up

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