Saturday, 17 September 2016

Silhouette and Paper Cutting

USA Writer & Illustrator
Clay Rice
Ants ‘N’ Uncles
Gecko Press 2016  $24.99hb 32pp
ISBN 978 1 9429 3468 4                                                 
Themes: Paper cutting/ Silhouettes/Stories in rhyme/ World Tours
Stepping on an ant’s nest precipitates us and the storyteller into a world tour of quite crazy proportions.  Silhouette paper cutter and storyteller Clay Rice is a master at his crafts and while this may not be a book at buzzes at you to pick it up immediately I was delighted at the reaction to the story when I read it aloud and at the quite impressive ‘paper cutting’ that followed.

Preschool up (and for much older students who will get lots of ideas from this)

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