Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Great new picture book coming from Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis

NZ Writer & Illustrator
Juliette MacIver, illustrated by Sarah Davis
That’s Not a Hippopotamus
Gecko Press 2016 $29.99hb 32pp
ISBN 978 1 9272 7196 4 hb   978 1 9272 7197 1 pb 
Themes: Group behaviour/ Stories in rhyme/ Zoo visits
When Keeper Don’s hippopotamus goes missing down by the Lakeside, the class, who are there at the Safari Park on a visit are determined to find him but not very successfully, confusing all sorts of animals with the missing one. It is only quiet (but equally determined) Liam and the reader who know exactly where the hippo is hiding.
A romping text with the noise of the children underpinning it all, that is a pleasure to read aloud. Plus comic but not too much so, illustrations, will make this a book to read and look at over and over until it is quite worn out and needs to be replaced. A very satisfying experience for everyone!
Preschool up/ Age 4 up

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