Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Racism, prejudice, bullying. sexuality, bereavement -all in one highly readable story!

Expected publication date July 7th 2016

UK Writer
Siobhan Curham
The Moonlight Dreamers
Walker Books 2016  $18.99 347pp
ISBN 978 1 4063 6582 5
Themes: Friendship / Homosexuality/ Individuality/ Loyalty  
Four girls with one thing in common  - they are sick of being told how to behave, to look and even how to think.  Because of this they form a club, a secret club where they are free to be themselves. This is a particularly honest story which will ring many bells of truth for teenage girls – and just in case it all sounds too Polyanna’ish to be believed none of the girls are perfect and there are a lot of laughs in the 347 or so pages. However, they are all loyal to each other.
 I particularly liked following the story of Amber who lives with two Gay Dads and is bullied at school.  
 A book to read enthusiastically in two bites at the most and perfect for reading in bed with its comfortable size and appealing smooth cover.
Year 8 up/ Age 12 up

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