Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Life amongst the 'Crazies' in the Wairarapa

NZ Writer  Julie Lamb  The Discombobulated Life of Summer Rain

Submarine (an imprint of Makaro Press) 2016  $25.00pb 245pp

ISBN 978 0 9941 2370 1

Themes: Friendship/ Funny stories/ Rural life/ Wairarapa New Zealand

Surely no one else would have to endure the terrible school lunches prepared by their grandfather as Summer does – possum and chicken scraps? But Summer is a girl with imagination and spirit and tells this story of life amongst an appealing set of crazies with laugh-out-loud candour. It is a story set against the very recognisable backdrop of the Wairarapa. This is the first book from this writer and I think would make a great read aloud - for girls AND boys.

I enjoyed this so much (one of those read-at-a-sitting books to be ‘consumed’ the moment it comes out of its packaging ) that I am already waiting anxiously for her next title to appear.  

Year 5 up/ Age 9 up

Julie Lamb - image  Makaro Press

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