Friday, 15 April 2016

Kids' Lit Quiz Wellington Playoff Papkowhai School 11.4.16


(The Kids' Lit Quiz spreads around the world. This is a publicity poster from Canada) 



On Monday I went to one of my favourite events of the year! That was to take part as a ‘marker’ at the playoff for the Kids' Lit Quiz. When we look around and see the stupendous amount of knowledge that the children taking part have about books and writers you then realise just why you spend so much of your life encouraging more young readers to be part of the game called The Sport of Reading.  The winners of the Monday ‘leg’ will go to the National Library next month to meet the finalists from around the country and the winners that day will be taking part in the World Finals to be held this year in New Zealand! This will be at the IBBY Conference (much much more about this conference over the next few months) to be held at the Aotea Centre in Auckland.

Congratulations to the three teams who made it on Monday.

1st Wellesley College A Team

2nd Raroa Intermediate School

3rd Wellesley College B Team

Wayne Mills and his wife Pa at the Wellington Playoff 11.4.16 
Image: Barbara Murison

Congratulations to the dedicated teachers and librarians who coached the teams and most of all to Wayne Mills from Auckland who created and has masterminded the whole event, written all the questions and kept the enterprise afloat over so many many years. We all feel quite breathless when we think of all the work and the  knowledge inside your head and all the books your have read  Wayne to make this possible.

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