Thursday, 18 February 2016

The first title in a new series by Alexandra Bracken


USA Writer

Alexandra Bracken


Passenger Series # One

HarperCollins 2016  $24.95pb 486pp

ISBN 978 1 4607 5204 3  

Themes:  Families/ Journeys/ Love stories/ Music/ Searches/ Time travel

Etta Spencer lives in New York City where her love of the violin and of her family fills her days. Then, in one amazing evening  (and in a piece of writing that hooks the reader deeply into the story) everything changes and Etta travels back in time to 1776 – and finds herself in the middle of a raging sea battle. Miles from home in time and space and becoming more and more involved in the activities around her, Etta meets the powerful Ironwood family  - a family that seems to know an incredible amount about her and who are unwilling to let her go.  And then there is Nicholas…

This is exciting and addictive writing from the author of The Darkest Mind series    

Year 9 up/ Age 13 up

Alexandra Bracken lives in NYC and is 29 years old. Visit her on

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