Monday, 15 February 2016

A new title from Joy Cowley as she celebrates her 80th year


NZ Writer & Illustrator

Joy Cowley, illustrated by Gavin Bishop The Road to Ratenburg

Gecko Press 2016  $19.99pb 194pp

eBook available

 ISBN 978 1 7765 7075 1

Themes: Courage/ Fables/ Families/ First person narratives/ Journeys

Spinnaker Rat is a devoted father and loving husband with four little ratlets and a charming wife, Retsina.  When hunger forces them out of their home they decide to take a dangerous and long journey to the great city of Ratenburg - a positive El Dorado of a city talked about by all rats but actually found by few.

In a charmingly confidential manner, Spinnaker Rat wins the reader over very quickly with his wit and his obvious care for the welfare of his Family and Friends. His style may not be easy for all early readers but nearly every young reader and listener will hang on the words if they are read aloud with the sympathy and passion they deserve.

Year 2 up/ Age 6 up

The book will be released at this year’s Writers’ Week at Joy Cowley’s session at the Embassy Theatre, Wellington at 5pm on Sunday March 13th 

Image by Terry Coles

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