Friday, 15 January 2016

Who will honour The Treaty? Mau, maku, ma ratou, ma tatou

NZ Writer & Photographers Sharon Holt, with photos from various sources Te Wairua o Waitangi Te reo singalong series

The Writing Bug Ltd 2016 $25.00pb  24pp

ISBN: 978 0 9941 1712 0

Themes: Conservation/ Te reo Maori/ Treaty of Waitangi

 The premise of the book is that The Treaty of Waitangi encourages all New Zealanders to work together to protect the Maori culture and all the treasures of the land. And who will do this? Seven children from Hamilton West School enthusiastically tell us ‘Mau, maku, ma ratou, ma tatou’ (You will, I will, they will, we all will) as they sit opposite a series of high quality photos to illustrate the ideas. As in all these titles to help learn te reo Maori in an easy and enjoyable way, the book contains a singalong CD, background information, an English translation, guitar cords and great follow up ideas.  A very worthwhile fresh new title from The Writing Bug to start the year!

Year 1 up/ Age 5 up

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