Sunday, 15 November 2015

Magnificent illustrations of animals and their habitats around the world

UK Writer and Illustrator (born in Iceland)

Jenny Broom, illustrated by Kristjana S Williams   The Wonder Garden

Quarto Group UK 2015 $39.99hb 48pp

ISBN 978 1 8478 0647 5

Themes: Animals and Habitats of the World

How to describe the true magnificence of this large book illustrated in vibrant coloured engravings by an artist whose works sell for many thousands of dollars in the UK (and abroad)? Children will find the Amazon Rain Forest, the Great Barrier Reef, the Chihuahuan Desert and forests and mountains brought to positively vibrating life in front of their eyes. The informed text by Jenny Broom can be used at several levels of understanding. I can hardly bear to part with this treasure which is special to handle as well as to read and see but I hope the school where it finally ends up (through the local Cluster Group meeting) will have hours of pleasure from it. Be aware that because of the nature of the page lay-out the page numbers are printed half way down the page – it took me a while to work this out. 

This title has been selected for many awards and is worth following up on the net for more (and fascinating) information)      

NE (who will love the illustrations) up/ Age 5 to Secondary


Note:  I fear New Zealand doesn’t actually get a look-in but we have done very well with books on the out of doors this year.

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