Friday, 13 November 2015

A new title from Kate De Goldi

NZ Writer    Kate De Goldi    From The Cutting Room of Barney Kettle     Penguin Random House  2015  $30.00pb  250pp ISBN 978 1 7755 3576 8

Themes: Brothers and sisters/ Christchurch Earthquake/ Film-Making/ Memories/ Points of View/ Story Telling


Barney (aged about 13) is a passionate film-maker and with his sister, who acts as his assistant, sets out to make a documentary about their local High Street (actually Christchurch's High Street before the quake) .  This is a title that is rich in every way - in writing/ in sense of story/ in understanding. There is a great feeling of mystery about it - it seems to be being told from the bedside of a man recovering in hospital from injuries. Who is he?  There are avenues and highways and byways to explore here. Nothing is really what is seems to be.

The question of course is – who is the book written for? My guess is it is really for adults who will love every word of such a superbly written narrative and maybe for some senior students. It will be interesting to see its future!

Adults/ Some senior students 


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  1. That's interesting, Barbara. Because Kate's book is in the junior fiction section of my local Whitcoulls. (I met you at Tinderbox). All the best Jane