Monday, 6 July 2015

A New Fantasy from Elizabeth Pulford

NZ Writer  Elizabeth Pulford  Bloodtree Chronicles Book One : Sanspell  Scholastic NZ  2015  $12.00pb  256pp  Themes: Fantasy/Journeys/ Series/ Time Travel

For Abigail, a girl quite fond of her own home comforts, the day began like any other.  But. By evening she found herself staying with two aunts she had never met before, involved  with trying to save a Bloodtree (and its wealth of stories and characters) from total destruction and travelling in a place throbbing with the Dark Forces. She is joined by a boy who steps out of a painting and who looks strangely familiar. 
There is much here to please and involve fantasy lovers and they will be glad to find this is only Book One of the series.
Year 5 up /Age 9 up   

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