Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Young Adult - Mature Readers

USA Writer
Arwen Elys Dayton
Corgi 2015  $21.99pb 435pp
ISBN 978 0 5525 7055 8
Themes: Fantasy/ Sci-fi/ Time travel
Quin (14), from whose POV the story begins (there are several others) is one of a group of teenagers who are being trained to be ‘Seekers’, an organisation they believe to be worthy, noble and good. But, not so! They are actually being trained to be assassins although they are kept in the dark about this almost as much, if not more, than the reader. This is a story that moves in time and space from Scotland to Hong Kong to London and in the past and future. Some effort is needed on the part of the reader to work out the intricacies of the plot but, believe me, it is worth it for this is an original, fast paced book that, once you are hooked as I was,  (reading ‘into the night’) will leave you longing for the next title in the series - Traveller due early 2016  

Year 9 up/ Age 13 up

Arwen Elys Dayton - Image Lytherus

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