Tuesday, 24 March 2015

LIANZA BOOK AWARDS - The Short and the Long of it!

The LIANZA Short (and long) list has just been announced. Many many Congratulations to everyone whose name appears below. Acknowledgments to LIANZA as I have just lifted their text from the announcement.
 Russell Clark Illustration Award Finalists
Launching Mrs Mo's Monster at The Children's Bookshop Kilbirnie last year

      Marmaduke Duck on the Wide Blue Seas by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis – Scholastic
      Jim’s Letters by Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper – Penguin Random House
      Have you seen a monster? by Raymond McGrath – Penguin Random House
      So Many Wonderfuls by Tina Matthews – Walker Books
      Mrs Mo's Monster by Paul Beavis - Gecko Press
               Bye! Bye! Bye! by Juliet McIver and Stephanie Junovich
               Go Home Flash! by Ruth Paul
               The Song of Kauri
               I Am Not a Worm


LIANZA Young Adult Finalists
               I am Rebecca by Fleur Beale – Penguin Random House
               The Red Suitcase by Jill Harris – Makaro Press
               Singing Home the Whale by Mandy Hager – Penguin Random House
               Recon Team Angel: Vengeance by Brian Falconer – Walker Books
               Night Vision by Ella West - Allen and Unwin
               Kiwis at War
               The Bow
               Magic and Makutu


Elsie Locke Nonfiction Finalists
               The Book of Hat by Harriet Rowland – Makaro Press
               A New Zealand Nature Journal by Sandra Morris – Walker Books
               Maori Art for Kids by Julie Noanoa and Norm Heke - Potton and Burton Publishing
               Mōtītī Blue and the Oil Spill: A Story from the Rena Disaster by Debbie McCauley – Mauao Publishing
               New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame: 25 Kiwi Champions by Maria Gill and Marco Ivancic – New Holland


               Under the Ocean
               Offloading with Sonny Bill
               Ghoulish Getups
               Loves me not : How to keep relationships safe : based on the Sophie Elliott story and what we missed
               Taratoa and the Code of Conduct
               One Girl One Dream


Esther Glen Junior Fiction Finalists
               Monkey Boy by Donovan Bixley – Scholastic
               The Volume of Possible Endings (A Tale of Fontania) by Barbara Else – Gecko
               Conrad Cooper's Last Stand by Leonie Agnew - Penguin
               Trouble in Time by Adele Broadbent – Scholastic
               Letterbox Cat by Paula Green – Scholastic
               The Song of Kauri
               The Deadly Sky
               Island of Lost Horses
               Dappled Annie and the Tigrish
               The Night of the Perigree Moon 


Te Kura Pounamu (Te Reo Māori) Finalists
(image yet to come! BM)
               Nga Ki by Sacha Cotter, Josh Morgan and Kawata Teepa - Huia
               Hui E! by various authors - Huia
               Tutewehi by Fred Te Maro - Huia
               Kimihia by Te Mihinga Komene and Scott Pearson - Huia
An early Te Reo Reading Book Series by Carolyn Collis - Summer Rose Books

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