Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Non-fiction - all ages

NZ Writer and Photographer Julie Noanoa with images by Norm Heke

Māori Art for Kids Craig Potton Publishing 2014  $24.99pb 80pp ISBN 978 1 9272 1313 1 Themes: Maori art and culture

15 artists show 15 art activities in a book which is essentially one for adults and children to use together. It has been produced with tight budgets in mind and all the ideas have been tested and approved by children and young people. Among the projects are instructions for making a poi dancing ball, a tukutuku wall panel, a tukutuku kite, a kete…

This is a treasure house of art activities and projects that acknowledges there are, of course, many differences in cultural beliefs and artistic design through out the country and encourages the children to develop their own ideas, styles, materials and colours.
As with all publications from Craig Potton Publishing, this is a handsome book to look at, to handle and to access, and children should be proud of what they will be able to achieve by using it.

Year 2 up/ Age 6 up

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