Sunday, 5 October 2014

Picture Books - Preschool up

NZ Writer & Illustrator
Simone Colwill, illustrated by Jasmine Ting  What Does Super Jonny Do When Mum Gets Sick?
Books for Caring Kids 2014  $11.50pb 36pp
ISBN 978 0 9941 1272 9

Children with sick parents/ Hospitals/ Persistence/ Problem solving

What to do when the unthinkable happens and Mum gets sick? Through the eyes of Jonny and his supportive Sidekick, Bear, we visit Mum’s hospital ward and are introduced to all the medical staff who are going to help. But this is not enough for Jonny who wants a great deal more input into what is happening. Simone Colwill has Crohn’s disease and writes from first hand experience and has many suggestions for ways to turn a scary time into a positive one. Guide notes for teachers are included. Mum’s sickness is not named so it covers many reasons for her hospitalisation.  Simone follows this up in her newsletter which will be found at
The whole book, both in text and illustration, radiates with cheerfulness and will be a useful resource, especially for children who have a parent diagnosed with a long term illness which means much time in hospital.
Preschool - Year 5/ Age 3 - 9

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