Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Anthology of New Zealand poems and stories for children

NZ Illustrators and Writers
New Zealand Bedtime Treasury
Puffin Books 2014  $45.00hb 234pp
ISBN 978 0 1433 0837 9

Themes: Classic New Zealand stories and poems

Anyone who has been around children’s books for a while will, on opening this handsome treasury see at once so many of their favourite stories and poems and all with their original illustrations - all just waiting to be shared with children.  It’s more than a special book for a grandmotherly Christmas present. (But lucky child who does get to own their own copy!)  It’s a book for any school whose budget will allow it because these are what could be described as ‘backbone’ stories and poems from writers and illustrators like Margaret Mahy/ Lynley Dodd/ Pamela Allen/ Katherine Mansfield/ Patricia Grace/ Joy Cowley/ Ruth Dallas/ Gwenda Turner/ Peter Bland/ James K/ Baxter…this is a rich mixture and there are three generous pages of information about the ‘contributors’.

Crèche up/ Age 2 up

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